Peter Knauer

Peter has thirty years of CMC/Regulatory leadership expertise in the Biomedical Industry. Peter has served as Chief Regulatory Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Vice President of CMC and Head of Operations for US-based companies such as Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Jade Therapeutics, Symic Biomedical, BioUtah and Genentech, Inc.

Peter brings his technical and leadership experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug delivery in support of product development efforts.

Moj Eram, PhD

Moj brings over 25 years of extensive experience in the life sciences industry with primary expertise in medical devices and diagnostic product development, project management, regulatory affairs, quality and compliance, research, and technical/medical writing.

Moj holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Oregon State University, a PhD in medical physiology from the University of Utah School of Medicine, and a graduate certification in regulatory affairs from Utah Valley University.

Moj is a member or RAPS and ASQ.